Aldi skin care range; what’s the hype??

So is it just me or have you heard how amazing Aldi skin care is?? Is it just me or did you also think that’s rubbish.

I remember last year there was such a hype about their face cream and also their sun cream and I kept wondering if it was just an advertising thing or true.

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So two weeks ago I find myself in Aldi doing a quick shop and there I am at the beauty isle and I see the skin care. It was just too tempting not to buy. I purchased the Lacura moisturising face wash £1.29 and the Q10 anti wrinkle day cream £1.99. I spent a whopping £3.28.


I was quite excited to see the quality. I don’t claim to be a skin care expert but have worked with skin care for 8 years and do know a fair bit about the qualities needed.  The don’t sell a cleanser and toner, but I can use any brand with it. Most people believe they need to have everything matching in the skin care cupboard but that isn’t true.

Lets start with the face wash. I squeezed out the tube gently expecting this stream of liquid to pour out, but instead I had to push that little bit harder.  The consistency is very thick and rich and I must admit felt very luxurious and produced a fabulous lather  The product is 100% soap free, which I expect as soap dries the skin. The product contains Pro-vitamin B5 and B3 plus no perfumes or irritants. Unbeknown to me my daughter Rihana had also started using it. Rihana does suffer with teenage breakouts and we have found it hard to get a good skin care routine that keeps her acne at bay.  So a few days ago Rihana said ‘What do you think of my skin?’ I looked over and quite surprised said ‘WOW, your skin looks amazing, what have you been using?’ I didn’t expect her to say my £1.29 Aldi buy had worked wonders on her skin. Is it a fluke? I don’t know but for £1.29 give it a go and if it doesn’t clear your acne you can always use as a foot wash haha.



So lets move on to the face cream. The consistency is great. It isn’t too rich that I found myself feeling greasy and wasn’t to weak that my face felt dry and tight.  Now it claims that it protects against premature ageing, but at 45 I think I have found this too late in life. It also says the skin appears more healthy and youthful. I am quite lucky that I do have quite good skin, however, when I have been very tired and not had time to follow a good routine I do find my skin quite quickly looks ashen and dull.  So 7 days in with the Q10 after my face wash and yes my skin appears brighter. It is definitely enjoying the extra moisture and my skin feel soft and protected. Has it reduces my wrinkles? I am not too sure. I have never really believed that skin care can turn back time. If you want to prove me wrong please send me your product I will happily test  for you and review looking 21 again.

So overall £3.28 wasted or money well spent? I would say money well spent. Will I buy again? Yes I will. My daughter is looking at getting more products from their range and at that price she can damn well have it lol.

So I give these products 9/10.


The Telegraph – Aldi Skin cream ‘as good as designer’ – Rob Davies

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