Am I mature? no but my skin is.

What is classed as mature these days? Do we like to say we are mature? Well not really. I like to think that emotionally and mentally I am very mature but sadly with that package comes the changes in skin.

So looking at your face in the mirror and your skin what have been the changes? As I have “matured” my skin has gone from combination to oily. This applies to my hair too!! So how does that affect my beauty choices. Well my skin preparation is vital. It’s starts with water and just 2 glasses minimum a day will flush out toxins and hydrate. The next level is what do we do to support our largest organ; the skin? I personally don’t buy into all this anti ageing malarkey (but they are making new discoveries every day to diminish fine lines). However, good strong serums and good eye creams can plump the skin and create fabulous illusions.  Recently I have found Trinny again and she has a wealth of skin care knowledge. I am just testing her new make up products and am sold on the ‘Just a touch’ foundation/concealer.

I have even been taking her tips on fashion… Go me.  The best way to follow her is on instagram Trinny.  After watching her I invested in a few items that have boosted my skin.  Watch a few of her videos on skincare and see what would work for you.

I chose these three tools to work the products on my skin.  I have to be honest my skin looks amazing and at 49 I’m glowing.

0.5 titanium Micro needle derma roller
Jade stone for detoxing the skin







Face Cleansing brush

I don’t use it all every day. I have varying little routines.   So far so good. My skin is loving all the attention as my peri menopause tries to f*$k with my everything.

This is me glowing the day after skin care. Products used Trinny London ‘just a touch’ on my skin, NYX micro brow pencil Espresso, Maybelline waterproof Mascara, Arbonne sunset blusher on cheeks and crease of eye and MAC ‘Give me Sun’ mineralise skinfinish for slight contour.


Let me know whats working for you in the comments below?


Samantha Jane xx