Beauty Haul – Maqpro, Collection 2000, Zoeva

Time for some feedback on the beauty hauls I purchased.

84-050912104907The lipstick palette. My first impressions were a little sad as I thought the palette was quite small. There are 10 colours in each one and a good few applications. I paid £16.50 so not a bad product for the price. In fact I dont know why I thought it would be bigger.  There are a good few colours for different occasions and I have already used on a client. I used the beige one (257) on the lips below. I do like the palette and need to use it more to get a better opinion but so far would score 7/10…


Unknown-12The gold eyeliner is gorgeous. It is very in fashion now and looks good on lower lash line or even water line.If you like doing liner flicks then you can double up above with the gold for extra drama. As I said in a previous post the Collection 2000 eye liner gels are amazing quality. They last for ages and will not come off with rubbing. They glide on the eye.. 9/10 and I have these gel liners in gold/teal and brown for sale @ £2. These gel liners are currently on sale in Superdrug for £4.99.…/Collection-Lasting-Col…/p/450652…


Lastly the purple (Magic moments) liner… woozer. Zoeva make my favourite brushes. I adore them. I can review those later. This eye liner gel is really creamy and soft in comparison to the golUnknown-13d one by Collection 2000, so I was a little nervous it would be hard to apply. Not at all it went on with precision. I am excited to use this in my glitter eye liner with my LIT cosmetic punk glitter. I have had the liner on a good 10 minutes and it is dry so let me try the smudge test. Right it wont smudge and if I apply a little moisture and rub it doesn’t move either. So you wont smudge either of the liners with a few tears. I also give this product 9/10 and would happily purchase the again. It is £6.95 from Beauty Bay. P.s fragrance FREE x…/…/creameyeliner/black_lace/



I hope I haven’t waffled on and given you some good feedback on my products. I will continue to show what I buy and review after I use. If I can find any offers along the way I will post on this page xx

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