Boots beauty haul. Does the lower cost products stand up against the big priced ones??

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I cant say I randomly bought these products because 4 of them I did some research on. Foundation is really important to get right.  One thing that frustrates me is when someone says can you recommend a foundation and everyone tells them about their particular one they use and implores them to buy. OK do you have the same skin? what if one person is oily and the other dry? Foundations are made to work with different types of skin and also to give you different finishes. Some people like a matte finish whilst others prefer a dewy finish. Imagine spending £30 on a foundation someone recommended to find out that they have dry skin and yours is oily and this foundation just slides off your skin after an hour.  Take your time and find a suitable match. Whilst we may feel that buy suggesting our brand that we love is great, it really could have an adverse affect on another’s skin.

So what did I buy? I bought 3 foundations, a primer, a mascara and a water proof black liner. What am I looking for? I am looking for value for money, quality, good coverage and staying power.


Lets start with L’Oreal Infallible mattifying base

Primer is so important to add to your skin before foundation. Not only because it it can reduce appearance of pores, matte out oily skin, but also protect your skin from the harsh chemicals of the foundation. This is a fairly good primer. It isn’t particularly thick. It has a light texture and definitely took a shine off my skin. A mattifying primer can give your foundation an extra few hours before the oil works through from your skin. I wouldn’t say it blurred my pores but for £6.99 I was very happy and would recommend.

Now on to the L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation.  I think for the general public it can be confusing which primer and which foundation works for their skin. When they do find one that suits their skin type, they are not sure of coverage. Therefore when I turned over the products and saw this little chart I was very impressed. This is so clear what this product should do.


This is a medium coverage and gives a matte appearance. I got the shade Natural Rose. I have mature skin so finding foundation I like that suits my skin isn’t as easy as someone in their 20s. I had the primer on and I used my big foundation brush to add to the face. I used downwards strokes and patted under my eyes.  I do like this foundation. Now its says it lasts 24 hours. I need to come back and add to this post after I have worn for a while. I do sleep so clearly I don’t need 24 hour coverage lol. The coverage was good, I felt it evened out the different tones in my skin and despite not liking matte coverage I did feel this looked good. I will be adding this to my kit. 100% bargain


As you can se in the picture above there is the Barry M bold black waterproof liner.


I bought this product as Barry M had a buy one get one half price offer and I wanted a new mascara. I find that many liners look good initially but with oily skin have a tendency to slide down towards the cheeks after a while. I want to try a waterproof liner and see how it fairs on my skin. I must say that I had tried a different waterproof liner recently and it didnt go on the skin well.  The Barry M liner glided on the eye. When I say glided I mean it was smooth. It totally felt like a gel. I was worried that this would take ages to dry, but I was wrong. It dried pretty fast and with a little rub it didnt smudge.  Initial opinion is thumbs up. I would like to try it over a few hours to see if the drop down occurs. When I have more information I will amend the post.

Revlon Color Stay Foundation is a foundation I have heard a lot about but never tried.  I love the fact that you can buy this product in the combination/oily range or the normal/dry range. At the moment this product is half price in Boots for £6.49. Usually price of £12.99. Out of the 3 foundations I purchased today this is the one that made me excited. Wow what an amazing coverage. I would say it had comparable coverage to MAC studio fix.  It has an SPF 15 so don’t use for camera work. Here is another 24 hour wear product. Who are these people who stay up all night.. Great value for money and felt light on my skin. I felt that studio fix looked too much on my face and I felt caked. This was light yet full coverage. I will be investing in more colours for my kit in both ranges.


L’Oreal Infallible 24 hour stay fresh foundation was one I bought on the spur of the moment as I had a 3 for 2 offer. Im not 100% sold on this foundation. I think it didnt help I picked up Honey which I think is quite orange.  I also thought it was for dry/normal skin but went on and matted out very quickly. In fact when I looked in the mirror an hour later I could see cake around the eyes and nose. The husband said it looked very nice but I am not convinced and it wont be going in my make up kit. It will make its way to my daughter’s make up bag. I wont recommend this, but if I try again and it appears better I will come back to this review.


Barry M Lash Vegas waterproof mascara is pretty good. I am not a massive fan of big spidery lashes. I would much rather see false lashes applied well, or small clumps added to a lash line to boost the lashes. I am also very impressed with the LVL lift lashes.  I don’t use the brush as it transfers bacteria from clients so I used a wand. Therefore, I cant comment on the brush.  It is waterproof so I couldn’t get off with a wipe, which shows staying power. I think there is a definitely a big uplift in lashes. what do you think? A worthy mascara to buy..


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