Charlotte Tilbury – The Launch of the brand in Selfridges, Trafford Centre


I was very excited about this day. Charlotte Tilbury is a world renowned make up artist and has launched her own cosmetics. I had not heard of the man doing the masterclass but I thought £55 for a class and then you can redeem this against products was great value for money.

Arriving at the Trafford Centre I was quite impressed. We had an area in the middle of the shops. There were work stations with make up, brushes, tissues etc. it looked gorgeous. We were served Champage and chocolates and when I said I don’t drink they rushed and got me some designer lemonade.

Nelson Catarino is a fabulous make up and he showed us hot to recreate one of the many looks that you can buy with Charlotte Tilbury.


Now this is a complete range and one product compliments the next… skin care, primer, foundation, powder etc etc.  If you want to go there then you need to save up because it is expensive. So let me tell you the three products I purchased.


I purchased the eyebrow kit, the lip liner and lipstick.. Now as soon as Nelson started on the eyebrow kit I knew I was buying.  This is my go to product at the moment. I can’t stop using and highly recommend. It has a brush to tame the brows, a pencil to add depth to the brow and colour in so you can create a good shape and then in the middle a little highlighter to go under the brow to pop it right out. It is £22.50 so yes a hefty price, but wow it is flipping amazing… The stick they gave me is very light. Make sure you match to your own eyebrow.



The lip liner is lovely, kind of the same as many others. It is called a lip cheat. The quality is good as hasn’t broken, it sharpens well and gives a fabulous long lasting line. This shade is “kiss and tell”.   This is £16.00.  Here is an amendment. I used the lip liner on a photo shoot last night and I found it easier to glide on the lips. It seemed to just flow better.

Lastly the the red lipstick is gorgeous. it is £23.00 so you would need to really love it to invest. It is matte and lasts a good while. I am a lady who seems to have disappearing lipstick on lips, so it definitely had a staying power.

My overall view of Charlotte Tilbury is the quality is very very good and the prices are high. It is a niche market, so you are buying into the love of make up and the packaging and style. I have seen the same quality in lower cost products. I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely buy the eyebrow kit again. 8/10 is my overall view as I felt the prices were a tad too expensive.  xx


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