Have you got the right foundation?

Always choose the right foundation for your skin. Don’t ask others to recommend? They may not be the same age, same skin type or even have any knowledge. They could be wearing the wrong one.

Yesterday I was a model and wore Armani Luminous silk. It sat very heavy on my skin and today I have two spots. So whilst good for a day it’s not good for everyday.

What to consider?

What’s your price bracket?
Do you want matte or dewy?
Is your skin oily? Combination, normal or dry? Do you even know?
How do you skin match foundation?
What coverage do you want? Light, medium or full?
Cruelty free or not bothered?
Natural products or chemical?
Do you want a mousse, powder or creme foundation?

Loads and loads of question to achieve the perfect one for your face. I think something you will wear on your face day in day out demands some thought.

Hope this helped

Ps look I lost weight eek. Slimmer face.

Samantha xxx
Shades of Make up