Younique mascara! You have heard of it and seen the Facebook adverts, but what is it really like?

I have to admit I was really excited when Holly Morrison asked if I would try the Younique mascara.  I think this is the most talked about mascara right now.  I have to say that I am not too keen on the looks I have seen so wondered if that was the mascara or the people applying too much.

True to my style I applied it totally wrong the 1st time. Holly had sent me a video on application but I was so keen to try I used before watching lol. So if you get the mascara please watch the video or you will have poor results like I did.  So lets talk 1st impressions. The mascara has its own box and you really can see why you paid £23.00. The hard back case looks the part. Inside are two tubes, one contains the transplanting gel and one is the fibres.

The 1st job is to coat your lashes evenly with the gel. Then whilst the gel is still wet you apply the fibres and watch the magic work. Now I am a woman with average size lashes so watching my eyes looked like I had false lashes on was amazing. Now here is where I went wrong. I stopped. Dont stop because the fibres are still loose and will drop under your eye. What you have to do is apply the 2nd coat of gel. BOOM!!! perfect and beautiful eyelashes.

I think the pictures I have seen is where people have gone on coating layer after layer. Honestly less is more. Maybe one extra coat would suffice but any more and they look spidery.

I have to say you have totally won me over. I will definitely be using on my make up clients. 10/10 for look, presentation and style. You have the Shades seal of approval. xxx




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