Subscription Packs

Subscription packs


We are so excited to offer you a monthly subscription!!

You can now experience our lashes delivered to your door for a discounted price every month

When you subscribe we will email to get to know what you like.

Do you like lighter more natural lashes or do you like OMG wow lashes? 

Don’t forget, no animals were harmed in the making of our lashes. We only sell faux mink. 

All our subscription packages are FREE POSTAGE. I know crazy right!


We want to make your life a little easier by sending lashes to your door at an affordable price!

Each subscription comes withe glue, lash applicator and mascara wand.


so what’s the deal….

Bronze –£8 (£4 per lashes) 2 faux mink lashes per month

Silver –£10.50 (£3.50 per lash) 3 lashes per month

Gold –£13 (£3.25 per lash) 4 pairs of lashes

MUA Small –£30 (£3 per lash) 10 pairs of lashes

MUA Medium –£42 (£2.80 per lash) 15 pairs of lashes

MUA Large –£50 (£2.50 per lash) 20 pairs of lashes