Motives Cosmetics – a US brand hitting the UK

I am now the proud owner of some fabulous products from Motives. I am enjoying trying different brands an offering reviews. I have always been very honest about my opinion.  I have 2 items.. the eye shadow palette and the Fire contour kit.

You will see from my pictures that these tow products are being used a lot. That is because I love them.

The Motives Mavens Elements Palette


The palette is a snip at £28.75. You get 8 shades and each colour is a high pigment. The size of the shades in comparison to other brands is considerably more. Im astounded how much you get for your money. The compact is strong and has a wonderful mirror. As you can see from the above picture you get a little brush. Now for me as an MUA it isn’t the best in the world, but it is not bad for a palette brush. With 8 colours you are spending £3.50ish on each one. So MAC do a palette for £60 and individual colours for £10. I can say for me the pigment comparison is the same or even better. 10/10 for this palette.

Here is a look using the palette. Was you can see this is a make up artist quality product.


Motives Mavens Sculpt Series – Fire

Jheeze this is creamy and high coverage. You can use as a concealer under the eye or you can dive into a contour. I use on every client now for the contour and it looks bloody amazing. Not one single complaint. I adore the 3 colours for contour and also love the light pink colour that just gives a wonderful glow on the cheeks. This is clearly my new go to product of the moment.  Again the price is amazing. Just £28.75 for this palette. If you do some research you will find the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette prices higher (does have 2 more shades in it) and also the MAC concealer kit at £35.00 (2 more shades). Despite the extra 2 shades you are still getting value for money in the end.  For example.. When buying a product look at the quality and then decide how much product do I get for my money. So with MAC you get each colour for £5.83. For the Anastasia Beverly Hills one its £6.50 a colour. With Motives it is just over £7.18 a colour. Yes it is more expensive, however it is NOT tested on animals unlike MAC and its free delivery. By the time you add delivery on it works out cheaper. Again 10/10 for this product in quality


I also have a super saver for you… I have decided to team up with Motives and bring discounted products.


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