Nanshy Brushes – The new professional brush set

As a professional Make up artist we have all heard of MAC brushes, Zoeva, Sigma, Crown and Morphe brushes, but a new kid on the block is Nanshy. I have to say that Sigma has the best quality I have tried so far, but as I am building a kit for my business I just could not afford all my brushes from there. I ordered a Zoeva and fell in love and got the full set. Zoeva are usually based in Germany, however, many sites distribute in the UK. You can get a great starter kit for £52.95 from Beauty Bay.  For an artist we require a lot more brushes.

So I have around 40 brushes, however if I am doing 5 clients in a day and no time to clean properly in between looks, then I need to have more than 2 sets. I decided to give Nanshy a try. I could not believe that for just £49.95 I could get the WHOLE professional set.  WOW now that is reasonable. You can get direct from their site; Nanshy. If you are looking for a large set for your personal use then why not try their Luxury make up brush set. It comes with a very stylish brush bag and wait for it… just £34.95

In this set you get

    • Makeup Brush Set  – 13 Eye, Lip and Face BrushesLuxury-makeup-brush-Set-450x450
    • Ergonomic Handles for comfortable application
    • Bristles Soft on Your Face – & Yet Strong at the Base
    • Antiacterial Synthetic Bristles
    • No Bristle Shedding
    • Designed in the UK, Hand Assembled, & Extensively Tested
    • 100% Vegan – Cruelty Free – Approved by

So my review. The brushes arrived and packaging wise looked basic. They didn’t have the cute little bag that the personal ones had but I would probably not use it anyway. I was in the middle of a photo shoot and didn’t really have the time to use them, but opened and was disappointed. I felt how light they were in comparison to other brushes I have tried. Then I realised that I was being judgemental without trying the brush. The handles felt plastic, but I have been told they are wood by Nanshy themselves. This means they are incredibly light. If you spend sometimes 5 hours holding a brush this has got to be an advantage.

FullSizeRenderI decided I wanted to try out as soon as possible so my next client I used all the set. I have to say my initial thoughts were totally wrong. The brushes are amazing. The bristles are so soft yet compact. They feel secure in the handle and I didn’t lose any bristles on the face, which sadly has happened with the far more expensive MAC ones.  So which did I like the most??

I really love the foundation brush that is chiselled at the end. I could get into the nose area and under the eyes neatly. You can then use the stippling brush to evenly distribute the foundation and remove the brush strokes. My favourite ones are for the eyes!!  I think when you have been doing make up years it is easy to use big brushes but for more precision small ones can help define looks and do the crease neatly. The pencil brush is really small and great for under eye, the crease brush is just slightly bigger and gives a wonderful swish of colour popping the eye right out. The shader is a fabulous size and my favourite one.  This can be used to pat down the lid area. I think also this can be used for concealer for those who find the foundation brush to big. The liner is great for precision. The lip brush comes with a cute silver lid. I like this especially as in between clients the lipstick wont transfer on to my kit bag.

So out of 10 I will definitely give 10. I think it would be great to come back and revisit this review in 2 months time after I have cleaned several times and see how well they stand the constant use and clean.

Have a look at their site. Spend over £20 and FREE shipping and orders over £30 get a FREE gift. What woman doesn’t want a free gift!!! I don’t use a make up belt as I prefer a holder and a brush roll, but check out their elegant diamond brush belt and their stand up make up container.

Quick amazing fact that I adore is they are 100% cruelty free and approved by PETA!! we don’t need to harm animals for our beauty xxx


Welcome to Nanshy…..

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