Should I dupe it??

What is a dupe? A dupe is a product that in effect is so similar to the original that you can’t tell the difference. It isn’t a copy. The company did not make  the product to look like another, it is merely a ccoincidence  Believe it or not, there are Instagram pages and websites set up with the sole purpose to give you the dupes for everything. A great example is the Kyle Jenner lipsticks.  Did you get one?? Did you want to pay around £30 inclusive of shipping and customs to have a lipstick where reviews were not too complementary.  In situations like this, you realise that you are buying a brand, a cult, a piece of fashion rather than some amazing piece of makeup.  Even Cosmopolitan magazine is getting in on the dupes. They printed dupes of the Kylie shades Kylie Jenner Lit Kit Dupes


Let’s be honest, makeup is expensive. Not only is it expensive but the companies seem to be creating new colours and new products at an alarming rate. You would literally need a small fortune to keep up with trends. When I 1st started as a makeup artist I had to have it all. Then I realised that makeup has a use by date. Foundation will start to separate and liners will start to dry up. I soon slowed down and started selling products I would not use. Now I purchase when I’m close to running out, unless I am so taken by the uniqueness of the product, that I have to have.

Does having a dupe feel as good as the real thing? It’s like a mood enhancing drug isn’t it?? You get lots of shoes and one day you have your Jimmy Choos and wow you feel a million dollars. Like I said we are buying into a way of life rather than quality. Many times when I have painted a face I send my client links to the lipstick used and also dupes.  As a makeup artist I can’t easily use dupe items on my clients. I get asked on many occasion is this MAC? Is this Anastasia Beverley Hills? I can’t quite see it cutting the mustard if I pulled out a handful of dupes haha.  However, personally I think it is a great way to look and feel good for half the cost. So if you would like to dupe your favourite pieces and save yourself a few extra pounds here are some great ideas to find them.

Instagram is all the rage. Oh yes I find myself scrolling through there at an alarming rate. Mainly on the hunt for the latest look to inspire me and show my clients ideas for their occasion.

Here are 2 that I follow.

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Now again a little problem is that these are USA sites and therefore, many items that we can’t get our hands on in the UK. Another way to find your favourite dupe is to literally type in google search the name of your product and ‘dupe’ next to it.


The list is endless. There are websites,Pinterest pages and Facebook pages all dedicated to finding you that perfect dupe. Good luck in your hunt and if you find some great UK sites please feel free to post in the comments so my subscribers can benefit.


Love Samantha x

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