The Christmas Glamorous Make up and smokey eye tips

4 days to go and we are ready for the busiest party season. Women will be glamming up and hitting the Christmas parties. Whilst many will be sat in my chair and rely on me or other MUAs to transform them up there are many who will attempt this themselves. So here are some fabulous tips to help you.

  • Before you start consider your skin. Is it dry? dehydrated? Is it oily. This is really important for the overall finish. If you see it is dry then in the morning give it a really good scrub. If you don’t have a face scrub, then take a face wash and add some sugar to it. You just need to remove that dead skin sitting on your face. I would prefer that you then cleanse and tone before you moisturise but this is really a different post which I will do later. Crack out your best moisturiser and lather it on. The canvas is now complete.
  • What primer? now that is the question. You really need to know your skin type. If you don’t, then you could be the one whose make up slides off at 11pm. So oil free for oily skin and moisturising for dry skin. If you have a T zone then do a mix of the two. A T zone is forehead, nose and chin that is oily.



Here is a picture of Emma Mcintyre with a smokey eye. Here we used bronzes but you can use any colour. The base of the eye needs priming. So you can purchase a good primer such Urban Decay or Benefit or you can use a concealer and then seal with a light cream eyeshadow. Now the best thing you can do is use less and build the colour. Take two good MATTE colours that compliment your hair and eyes and skin tone.  Here are a few ideas below.


With a windscreen wiper action add the colour into your crease with a left to right and right to left. Blend like your life depends on it. When you feel you have enough colour stop. Then take the darkest MATTE shade you have picked to do the smoke with and in the outer corner do a circle. Now take your sparkliest and prettiest shimmer/glitter/pearl/ shade and pat on the lid up to the areas and across to the dark colour and gently blend it together. Hey presto you have a smokey eye.

Liners… now this is an extra and the reason I say extra is that not everyone wants to wear them. I always use it, but your choice. Take the colour that compliments your shades and draw across a thin line above the eye and use another brush to just smudge that in a little. Then take the same colour and draw under the eye as well and the waterline. Then take your smoke colour and smudge the liner with it. This will intensify the look.

Flick… This is hard to do unless you practice or have done before, so I you haven’t then a few hours before you go out isn’t the time to try it. A great cheat way is this. Before you do your eyeshadow above, take either a pice of cellotape or surgical tape and stick from outer corner of eye towards the end of your eyebrow. Now if you want to have a bigger eye then you need to extend your eyebrows.  Once it is stuck on both sides and even then you can start your eye process and you can finish off by drawing the black gel liner down the side of the tape and across the lid, this gives you the flick.



You have primed so now you can add your favourite foundation and blend. Sorry but after seeing lots of girls with foundation that stopped at their chin I need to say that it needs blending down the neck as well. Stay away from the orange colours. You may want to look tanned but this just makes you look like you have been tangoed. If you want some colour adding then add a bronzer after.

Once you have a smooth looking foundation smile and when you see your cheek apples add the blusher and blend upwards towards your ear. If you want to contour then the easiest and quickest way i can explain is to draw and number 3 on your face with brown part of colour kit.


Take the lighter part of the kit and sweep on the forehead, the bridge of the nose, above lip and chin.

Take a lovely highlighter, remember in previous blog post I recommended the MUA one. Sweep that on temples and above eyebrow, top of the cheek bones and a little on bridge of nose.


How do we make it last all night. Ok apply a liner, then your favourite lipstick. Remember if you have done a very heavy eye then the lips need to be a light colour. When applied take a brush and dust with a powder and add again. This will keep it on longer than the 1st drink. Dont forget your lips in your bag when you go out, it is a must.


Please please dont be shy to draw these in. They really make the overall look. Some people like them bold and some people like them natural. I always do what the client wants. I use Anastasia Beverley Hills for the bold look and my Motives eyebrow kit for natural shape. Either way at least fill in the gaps and give you a decent brow.

I hope this is a little help to glam up your night. If not and you are still worried then contact me and see if I can squeeze you in. I am around on Xmas eve until about 4pm and I am here all New Years Eve. 07791051986.  Remember I do one to one make up classes and believe me a few hours with me and you will feel more confident.



Samantha xxxx

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