We slashed our prices! Seriously

WOW Can you believe it? 
We have lowered our prices. When we started Shades of Make up Lashes in December 2018 we knew that our products were high quality and reusable many times over. We scoped out other lash brands and set our prices competitively. In the last 2 months we have been toying with the idea of reducing prices and decided on a new price range. This includes our offers AND our subscription packages.
SO what are the new prices???
  • Human hair lashes has been reduced by £1.50 to £4.00 a pair
  • 3D faux mink princess range are also reduced by £1.50 to £5.50
  • Our 4D faux mink super hero/villain range has been slashes by £2 to £6.50
Our Make up artist discount is still at 60% but look at the prices now… (minimum order £100 before discount)
  • 4D lashes £2.60
  • 3D lashes £2.20
  • Human hair lashes £1.60
Finally our new subscription packages are…

Bronze –£8 (£4 per lashes) 2 faux mink lashes per month

Silver –£10.50 (£3.50 per lash) 3 lashes per month

Gold –£13 (£3.25 per lash) 4 pairs of lashes

MUA Small –£30 (£3 per lash) 10 pairs of lashes

MUA Medium –£42 (£2.80 per lash) 15 pairs of lashes

MUA Large –£50 (£2.50 per lash) 20 pairs of lashes


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Lots of love

The Shades of Make up team xxx